The window of opportunity for a brand new roof may be right in front of you.

What opportunity looks like:

"I didn't realize that a significant storm came through here and caused damage to roofs in my neighborhood."

"I have replaced a few shingles after some bad storms, I see the neighbors sometimes do also"

"I see my neighbor getting a new roof installed"

"My neighbor told me that his insurance is paying for a new roof because of the storm"

"I am missing some shingles on my roof" or "My shingles look strange, something is different"

"I wonder if the water stains inside my home on the ceiling are related to my roof"

"My neighbor said they had gutters, siding, and painting all done at the same time with the roof and insurance paid for all of it"

"I wonder what this means for my roof? I have so many questions..."

Here is what you are looking at:

A storm caused damage to your roof, “sudden and accidental” are the legal terms for a storm like this.  A date / timestamp was given for that storm and the area it covered by the insurance companies.  The details of the storm intensity was recorded such as wind speeds and rainfall amount.  This date marker then turns into countdown timer for when you can get help from your insurance from this storm.  Because it was ‘sudden and accidental’, you’re covered.  

This means your monthly insurance rate is not affected nor your good standing with them because of the key phrase and the purpose of your homeowners insurance, ‘sudden and accidental’.  Ask us about this to learn more.

The storm puts you on the clock.

An insurance claim for this storm can only be filed within 12 months of that storm.  No one is coming out to look at your roof until you call someone.  Phone a friend, call Big M Roofing and get someone on your side to help you deal with the insurance company.  Big M Roofing will look your roof over and knows which storms were in your neighborhood and most importantly, what their date was.  Together you can call the insurance company and file the claim.  With a 96% success rate at this point, your lifetime roof is about to be installed, for way less than what you can imagine.  Also, rarely does an insurance claim only involve the roof, most of the time it involves at least one other area such as ceiling stains which require drywall repair and painting for example.  This will all be covered.  With all the money they save, most homeowners improve their home with siding, gutters, and more!

We work with all Insurance companies!: